Research and recreation for Gary Cantor

March 25, 2018
Gary Cantor
Most days for Durham’s Gary Cantor surround research, research and research into the human genome and how it affects the aging process. This is his life’s aspiration and what he regularly studies as a fourth year PhD candidate at nearby UNC Chapel Hill and its genetics and molecular biology department. But aside from the classroom, in his bit of spare time, Cantor returns to some of the recreational activities he enjoyed in his youth, such as chess, which he played competitively in junior high school. Gary Cantor also was incredibly active in sports when younger and occasionally is as an adult as well. He previously took Krav Maga lessons, practiced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, ran track and field, and played football, golf and soccer, which he still enjoys today as free time allows beyond the research lab.

Gary Cantor, Durham Medical Researcher

September 22, 2017
The fact is, Gary Cantor, Durham researcher has always known he wanted a life in the medical profession. That dream came to him when he was growing up as a young boy in Coral Springs, Florida. That was when he became fascinated by a medical reality TV show called “Trauma: Life in the ER.” Watching that, he decided he wanted to become a surgeon someday. And why not? They were very cool and suave and they were the coolest doctors in the emergency room.

Gary Cantor Durham

That said, while Gary continued to desire a career in medicine, his dream of being a surgeon took a slight detour when he was 13. That was when he was cruising around YouTube and ran across a video by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, who is a prominent biomedical gerontologist who wants everyone to know that medical research can help people live for as much as 1,000 years. His fascination with that little tidbit led him to become a medical researcher. Of course, not being one to do anything halfway, Gary Cantor, Durham resident, is now one of the best medical researchers in the country.